BodyBarista updates to BB-3

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After a year of hard work & a granted US patent, BodyBarista 3 is finally launched. One of the biggest and most important updates to this date, as many new features are added to the app, including measuring your individual muscle groups based on iPhone pictures, accuracy within 1-1.5%, being able to see the changes every day/week/month in fractions of inches/cm, and comparing to the average male/female.

With all these new features, we are proud to present BB-3 – BodyBarista 3!

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How does it work?

BodyBarista is simple and fun to use. Make sure all the body parts that you want to measure are well visible in your mirror, such as your flexed right arm, your complete torso, hips, legs, etc. No worries, you don't need to capture and measure your full body all the time. You can have an upper body routine in your bathroom mirror each morning and meanwhile take a full measurement less frequently at the sports center or other similar places. Next, open BodyBarista camera/measurement and do like shown in the video. Place the iPhone in your left hand and raise your hand to the ear, this rotates the phone upside down as shown on the screen. The app will guide you through 2 positions in front of the mirror. Once you’ve taken the pictures, you'll validate the calibrated images and move the points for each muscle group. In a matter of seconds, BodyBarista will calculate your Torso, Arm and Legs measurements down to details such as Neck, Lats, Delts, Waist, Thighs, etc. With your first measurement, you will be able to see how you compare to the average male/female, and once you start monitoring yourself, you’ll see the difference in inches/cm on the outline of your body. This will help you pick the right exercise or choose the right diet, and keep you motivated. BodyBarista is more accurate than the bathroom scale by 34%, so these measurements are on point.

BodyBarista is free to download.

Use BodyBarista at your preferred gym, and measure your body for Free. When using the app at your home, one measurement costs $4.99, or $8.00/mo (3 months at a time). Available today! For iPhone running iOS11 and above.

What’s in it for me?

We at BodyBarista believe "You are what you measure" when it comes to your health and your fitness. Want to set a body goal? Keep an eye on the measurements to see if your diet/fitness plan is right for you. Do you have specific areas that you want to pump up? Pay extra attention to the numbers that indicate the part of your body you're focusing on. Are you frustrated that your weight doesn't change even though you're working your ass off? Your body measurements could be an indication that you are losing fat in some places and gaining muscle in others. The BodyBarista app solves all these issues. Track your body in inches and cm and know exactly where and when the changes are happening. Don't just talk the talk - walk the walk. If you want to get things done, BodyBarista is a must.

What’s next?

For you, the next step is: downloading the app! Start the good habit of tracking your body, because it has never been easier than it is now with BodyBarista. According to sciene, measuring the body's progress is the #1 reason why people keep to their fitness routine. BodyBarista will keep you motivated to continue by showing you the progress you're making in inches and cm.

As for BodyBarista, we are always on a constant quest to develop and better our app. Got any feedback for us? We’d love to hear it. Just email us at info[at]bodybarista[dot]com.