What is BodyBarista?

BodyBarista is the ideal app for finding out your body measurements as well as monitoring your changes when following a fitness plan. It returns the exact value of your muscle groups in inches or cm more accurately than the bathroom scale based on pictures you take with your iPhone. It also measures your Body Fat Percentage based on the same pictures, which you can use to compare your Before & After figure. If you want to see how your body is actively changing during your fitness plan, take a picture and check BodyBarista. Use it at home or at the gym 💪☕️

Backed by science

The technology behind BodyBarista is a US patented photogrammetric calibration technology. Thanks to a pixel precise calibration method, the distance, angle, mirror tilt, as well as the intrinsic camera values and the distortion of the normal iPhone lens, the app can give the accurate measurements of the body detected in the picture.

According to science, seeing the body’s progress is the #1 reason why people keep to their fitness routine. BodyBarista will keep you motivated to continue by showing you the progress you’re making in inches and cm.

How it works

The one, two, three of the BodyBarista App

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