It’s a Body Measurement App !! ????

BodyBarista body measurement app.jpg

Ever wished you could put down your iPhone, stand on it, and magically find out your exact full body weight? Well, now you can – kind of.

The BodyBarista body measurement app returns the exact value of your muscle groups in inches or cm more accurately than the bathroom scale based on pictures you take with your phone. So you want to see if your biceps have grown, if your waistline has shrunken or if your lats are wider since you’ve started working out? Take a picture and check BodyBarista. Seriously, it’s that easy. It’s also free if you check in at your local gym. 

The new body measurement app - BodyBarista.jpg

It’s fast

Once you take your picture and calibrate it, it will return your measurements within 10 seconds: your torso, arm and legs down the every muscle group.

It’s free

Take your measurements at your local gym, and use the BodyBarista app for free forever. If you want to be able to take the photos in the comfort of your home – or anywhere else – you can either opt for the $4,99 per use or a 3 month subscription for $8,00/mo. 

It motivates you

Proven scientifically: regularly monitoring your body measurements helps you keep in check and motivates you to stay fit and stick to your fitness plan.

Bathroom scales are too limiting. When you stand on one, it won’t tell you where you’ve lost or gained weight, it will just indicate a number. And you don’t always have a scale on you. You have your phone on you all the time, though. And you have BodyBarista on it.