Monitor your weight on an app?

If you’ve ever searched for an app to monitor your weight, you’ll be happy to hear there is one now that only uses your phone. No more bathroom scales, BMI indicators, body composition analyzers. There’s finally an app for monitoring your weight, and it’s free.

Monitoring your weight is important and you should do it regularly. But here’s an alternative idea: don’t measure your weight, measure your body in inches and cm. Measuring your weight will only inform you about the overall weight of your entire body – but it doesn’t tell you about the status of your individual muscles and body parts, which areas are more problematic and what you should focus on. People give compliments about a persons figure, not their weight, and there’s a reason for that. Weight doesn’t offer a detailed view of your fitness state, and therefore there’s little you can do with that one number. 

Monitor your measurements regularly & build a healthy habit

Monitoring your measurements regularly has been proven to significantly increase the success ratio of sticking to a workout or diet. The more you can see your results in numbers, the more motivated you will be and the more insights you have on what has an effect on you. So when you start seeing that your waistline is shrinking, your biceps are growing and you’re losing inches in your hips, you’ll be more likely to continue your exercise or diet plan. In much the same way, if you’re working towards gaining muscle mass, you should see an increase in inches or cm in the different body parts you’ve been working out. And what if you don’t see the changes in numbers? It will also work to your benefit. If you’re putting in the effort, but not seeing the results, it might be a good indication that you should be doing something different. Update your exercises, add some activity to your daily routine like always taking the stairs, try a different diet, or increase the amount of veggies and whole grains in your diet – whatever it is, if you can’t see the changes in inches or cm, the app will let you know.

You can monitor your measurements with BodyBarista at any fitness center for free. All it takes is a snap in the mirror with your iPhone. Do it regularly, and do it anywhere, because you always have your phone on you. Build the healthy habit of measuring yourself – you’ll thank yourself later. Inside BodyBarista there’s a lot of patent technology under the hood that do all those boring calibration and calculation tasks. So that you can focus on living a great life and give your body the attention is deserves. After all, your body is the only body you’ll ever get.