A hashtag we can get behind besides #????☕  is #ScrewTheScale, which makes the point we so fervently believe in: one number doesn’t make or break your fitness journey. In most cases, men and women trying to lose weight will inevitably build some muscle on the way to becoming more fit, which will, in turn, show on the bathroom scale as potentially the same or higher number than before. But is less more in this case? Not if you’re doing it right.

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More and more men and women trying to lose weight are realizing on the way that, in addition to losing body fat, they are also becoming stronger. And they are happily embracing it. It all starts with simply feeling better after each workout because of the natural post-exercise endorphin rush. Then after a few weeks, they realize their clothes fit differently and they can feel they’re becoming fitter. After 6 weeks of working out religiously and following a diet, they get on a scale, and the number has slightly gone down. They can clearly see their body looks different now and they’re slowly but surely reaching their goal. Their clothes become loose, they look and feel better – and before they know it, the next time they get up on the scale, they weigh the same or more than when they started exercising! But everything else is perfect – so where did they go wrong? 

It’s totally normal to stay the same weight or even increase in your overall body mass when starting on a fitness plan. While the fat mass disappears, the muscle mass increases from all the exercises you have been putting in. And guess what, muscle mass looks more aesthetic than fat mass! Getting rid of excess fat and gaining muscle also affects your overall mood and image about yourself, leaving you shining more than ever. 

Signs that, you too, should #ScrewTheScale:

– You’re working out regularly and can feel you’re becoming fitter and stronger, but the bathroom scale won’t budge

– You feel your body has changed and you look better when you look in the mirror, but the scale isn’t showing any changes

– Your friends think and say you look great but you feel the bathroom scale is telling you otherwise

– You’re working towards gaining some muscle mass and becoming stronger, in which case the bathroom scale won’t be telling you anything interesting

So the next time you decide to get on a scale – don’t! #ScrewTheScale instead, focus on your goal and feel good about yourself and what you’re doing for yourself. And share your experience with the world at #screwthescale and #????☕