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Summer is almost upon us, the weather is getting warmer by the day, and as you start wearing fewer and fewer clothes, you notice you’re not as in shape as you thought you were. Those shorts don’t look good on you, your legs need more training, and you definitely can’t wear slim tops, because you’re not slim enough… And if you’re a guy, you might not like the way your arms look in T-shirts, and even though you would love to wear tank tops in this heat, you can’t afford to show off your upper body flabbiness. The thought strikes you: if you’re not happy wearing shorts, skirts and little clothes in general, how are you supposed to feel comfortable in your bikini or trunks?

There will be no miracles here. If you want to be fit this summer, you gotta earn it. The good news is, it’s not too late to start working on your summer body! Here’s what we think is a good way to get started.

1. Start with a training plan/schedule

If you don’t have a routine you follow (and you probably don’t if you’re reading this post), find one that works for you. You’re short on time and you need a schedule, so this is not the time to start experimenting. If you want that beach body in 6-12 weeks, best get started soon and with a plan that will help you get there. Men’s Health has great Summer Training Plans that start from 4 weeks and up to 12 weeks with expert help on how to lose fat, gain muscle, build biceps etc. For the ladies out there, Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide is known to do wonders. If you’d like a less pricey option, check out the Beach Body Guide that promises the desired results in 3 weeks. 

Start today – don’t wait until the weekend, next Monday, next week. Let your motivation work to your benefit.

2. Measure yourself along the way

The best predictor of success is seeing your results and that your hard work is paying off. You will most likely start seeing results already after 2-3 weeks of exercising, so use that to your benefit and measure yourself so you can see the changes in inches. It will be a great motivation to stay focused on your end goal and continue your beach body plan. It’s not easy to put in those hours of hard work, so you want to make sure you have all the motivation you can get. And you don’t want to stop on the way, either! If you can see how far you’ve come from Day 1, you’ll be more willing to continue towards your end goal. You can measure yourself with BodyBarista for free at the gym.

3. Celebrate the small successes 

Let’s say your beach body plan is 12 weeks long. Take time to acknowledge the results along the way. Celebrate the first time you feel better about how you look and how your clothes fit. Celebrate the first time you can wear something you didn’t feel comfortable wearing before you started the workout plan. And don’t forget to celebrate the big changes you see in BodyBarista. This way, you’ll enjoy the process more, as well as motivate yourself further. After all, you should be feeling good about yourself no matter how you look – getting that beach body is just the cherry on the top of your summer.

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+ Extra Tip: Train with a friend

Studies show that demanding fitness results are better achieved when carried out in pairs or groups. You are probably not the only one who would like to look better this summer – ask one of your friends to join you in your fitness endeavor! That way, you’ll motivate each other, have a partner in crime, and the best part, celebrate your successes together. 

So, are you ready to get into your beach body?