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Summer is a lot about enjoying the view and the weather, and that’s what we think your workout should also be about during this season. Why melt away in a fitness center when you could enjoy these things in the great outdoors while also working out just as effectively? There are also a lot of exercises which can best – or only – be enjoyed in the summer.

Make this summer a memorable one with the following exercises and workouts.

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1. A nice morning run

Starting your day with exercise is proven to have a beneficial effect on the entire day. Mix that with the sunny morning views and the additional vitamin D you get to soak up during the run,  and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a successful morning. Chances are, you’ll even have company – people are more active in the morning during summer.

+ As a bonus, you also get to pick up coffee at your local coffee shop on the way home. 

2. Calisthenics in street workout spots

Calisthenics focuses on bodyweight exercises, which are easy and fun to do at your local workout spot. All you need is a bar, some space and your own bodyweight, so it’s very easy to start.

Push ups, pull ups, squats, dips, sprints are some of the exercises you can do. Couple of reps of these, and you’re set. You might also meet fellow calisthenic fans and get to socialize with your next door neighbour.

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3. Hiking 

Hiking is one of the most demanding workouts, with a high fat burn rate. In the summer, it’s also an exercise that can be very pleasant. Think of it as a walk, only at a higher altitude and bigger steps. The point is to enjoy the view, while working out at the same time. It doesn’t have to be an exotic place, either. Choose something nearby that is easily accessible in the weekend, and promises a picturesque setting. Get yourself a good pair of hiking footwear and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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4. Rooftop yoga

Another beauty of the summer season is its sunset. If you have access to a rooftop with enough space to practice yoga, try taking up your mat one day and following a yoga routine while the sun sets. The view coupled with the exercise will make it into an unforgettable experience.

If you don’t have a rooftop, try finding a spot in a nearby park where you could catch a sunset just as beautiful.

5. Road Cycling

Similarly to walking, road cycling is again all about the views, coupled with the satisfaction of physical effort. It’s the fastest way of enjoying the scenery, too, so you’ll enjoy a special adrenaline rush to it.

And there’s just something about the adventure of a road bike tour shared with friends or loved ones that ties people together. Try finding a bike route that fits your needs and get ready for it one sunny weekend. Don’t forget sunscreen.

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6. Swimming

If you enjoy outdoor swimming and have access to it, why not make it into a workout routine? Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, as it uses every muscle group in your body.

Exercising your swimming skills is never a bad idea; plus, the dry down that follows the swim can be particularly nice if enjoyed in the sun. 

7. Paddleboarding

If you enjoy water, you’ll like this exercise, which mixes the aquatic and the open air experience. Standing on a board while paddling, as well as making progress takes quite some effort, too, so if it’s a full body workout you’re looking for, look no further.

For cooling off, you can just lay down on your board and enjoy the relaxing feel of the water. Improves balance and reduces stress, so it’s an all around feel good exercise you definitely should try.

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8. Beach volleyball

Played on a beach, in the sun, in shorts, – what’s not to like about it? Volleyball is a social exercise that is demanding and fun at the same time. Summer is the only time you get the chance to play it by the beach, so start now.

You don’t need 10 people to get started, the fewer people on the field, the bigger distances each of you have to cover, which in turn means more exercise. Everyone looks great playing beach volleyball!

Which one should you choose?

We’ve put together this list of fun accessible summer exercises to inspire you to switch up your gym routine with an outdoor workout this summer. No matter which one you go for, you are guaranteed to have a good time. As a rule of thumb, make sure you’ve got the proper gear, active wear and are familiar with the basics of the exercise, so you stay clear of injuries. And don’t forget sunscreen!