Are you the type of person who can’t enjoy being on holidays without following their exercise routine?

Are you the person who enjoys a good workout more than a relaxing spa weekend?

Do you run, play tennis, walk a lot, do yoga or practice other activities?

Check out some of these cool boot camps, trips and vacations you can take this summer where you can be your active self AND travel at the same time!

High temperatures are the keyword.

Fitness vacations in Europe

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If you’ve always been into military-style training, consider a boot camp in Norfolk, Spain, or Portugal this summer. It will align with your goal, too. Whether you want to lose fat, kick-start your training routine, or enjoy a luxury fitness holiday, No1 Bootcamp has it – and in a reasonable price range, too. With former Royal Marines as coaches, you’re guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience.

Prices start from £995

Looking for something in Italy? How about setting camp at Lake Como for a ‘Curve building retreat‘. Yes, this is something for the ladies, as it introduces some fun Brazilian exercises such as capoeira or Bossanova yoga. Sounds intriguing? This is the chance to try something out of the ordinary this summer.

Prices start from £770

If you enjoy walking, check out some of the tours offered by Country Walkers in Italy’s every corner, on the pricier side.

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Into the French countryside? Plenty of exercise to get there, like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, cycling, fitness – and many more fun social activities in a Reboot retreat in the Biarritz area of France. Rural France, also known as Europe’s California awaits you!

Prices start from £799

Fitness vacations in the US

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When staying within or traveling to the US, California is an obvious choice, not in the least bit because of its wine culture. Try one of the many bike tours by the coast, in Death Valley or through the vineyards. The tours offered by Backroads suit your single, couple or family needs, and if you also enjoy hiking and walking, there are all the more options to choose from.

Prices vary

If you like it extra hot, Arizona is also a great place to enjoy your active vacation. From hiking to mountain biking and fitness classes, all the way to yoga and wellness classes, the Miraval resort seems to have it all, set in an idyllic land. Great opportunity to experience the desert!

Fitness vacations in Asia

If you’re looking for a more exotic far-away land, Thailand might have what you’re looking for. Lose weight, play tennis, do a triathlon, detox or enjoy a vacation at the Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort with top sport and fitness coaches this summer, all on the island of Phuket.

Prices start from £385

Or how about a hardcore fitness camp with Titan? Located on the same Phuket island, this boot camp promises wonders for those who are looking to see a drastic change in their body. Titan Fitness guarantees a fun boot camp tailored to your needs on this tropical island in Thailand.

Prices vary


Not looking to travel, just want to stay active in the sun? Try out these 8 different activities we wrote about that are best – or exclusively – enjoyed in the summer.

The most important thing is to stay active no matter where you are. There are so many fun activities you can do out in the sun that you just shouldn’t miss, and are guaranteed to make your summer more exciting.


Still on the lookout for the best way to get into your beach body? Read our 3 step recipe for it or try out Men’s Health 4 week workout plan.

Do you know of any fitness vacations we should try this summer in the area where you live in? Share in a comment below!

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